Sunday, 2 November 2014

Why isn't it my birthday?

This is a conversation I had with Evelyn this morning, and the first thing she said as soon as she woke up. 

Evelyn: *opens eyes* Why isn't it my birthday today? 
Me: I know right?! Where the presents at? 
Evelyn: Well I'm only getting out of bed on my birthday.
Me: So you're going to stay in bed for 364 days of the year?
Evelyn: Yep. When you ring school to tell them why I'm not coming in, you can tell them why.
Me: Well, I think it's a pretty good reason but I don think school would agree. 
Evelyn: They will, Mummy. How will you know if you don't try? 
Me: Again, you make a good point, but I'm not calling up your school to say, "I'm sorry, Evelyn isn't coming in today because it isn't her birthday." 

*we both collapse in giggles* 😊